Wholesale Used Tires

Greenwood Tire is the recognized leader in the Southeast in the wholesale used tire market stocking over 10,000 tires in our distribution warehouse. Each tire is individually inspected to meet our quality requirements and classifications for tread. We stock and distribute all sizes worldwide through our extensive network of companies specializing in trucking and container logistics. Contact us today for a competitive quote and experience the Greenwood Tire quality of service and product.

Greenwood Tire can provide the following Wholesale Used Tires:
Delivery to South Carolina (SC), North Carolina (NC), Georgia (GA), Florida (FL)
Scheduled pickup to accomodate truckload
International & worldwide container shipments by providing all logistics - pricing FOB Destination

To obtain pricing, availability and shipping for all your grade quality Wholesale Used Tires please contact us by:
at sales@greenwoodtire.com,
phone at (864) 941-7922 or (864) 227-3341

complete the following Inquiry form link Wholesale Used Tires Sales Inquiry